Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many departments does the two-year traineeship cover?

A: Each trainee will undertake four modules over two years, covering at least three different legal disciplines.

Q: Will I be able to give a preference as to the location of my traineeship?

A: We will ask you to note your preferred choice on your application form and will discuss this further with you at the offer stage.

Q: Will I be able to choose which departments I work in?

A: We'll ask you which seats you are interested in rather than just allocating you. We can't guarantee to give you exactly what you ask for but we promise to try.

Q: How will my work be reviewed?

A: Each seat placement involves a three month and six month review which is underpinned by the requirements set out by the Law Society of Scotland/SRA.

Q: What support will I receive throughout the training contract?

A: The firm operates a mentor scheme for all trainees. On commencement of a traineeship you would be offered a senior legal mentor to be a point of contact for you throughout the two years. The HR team also work closely with trainees to ensure that continued support is available.

Q: What training would I receive throughout the traineeship?

A: In Scotland we are an accredited provider of TCPD, which we run in-house bi-annually. This covers both the core and ethics modules and electives as set out by the Law Society of Scotland.

In London, we use an external provider to support our trainees through the process of completing the Professional Skills course. This provider is reviewed regularly to ensure continued high standards of training. We also run an in-house training programme that covers both the technical aspects of law and softer skills training such as presentation skills.

Q: If I am offered a training contract is there any contact before the start date?

A: Our HR team are always available to answer any queries that come up before your start date. You would also be invited to attend a welcome day for all new trainees a couple of months before you commence your training contact and major social events e.g. Summer Ball.

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