Training and Development

We operate a pro-active policy for our employees' development and on-going training. Training needs are identified via our appraisal process and are aligned with firm objectives. Employees have the opportunity to request training on an on-going basis.

We offer tailored programmes to all staff. These include:

Each division runs their own comprehensive training programme for trainees – this training is tailored to the types of work the trainees will experience while working within that division.  We have been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland to run PEAT2 courses for our trainees, which all our Scottish qualified trainees attend.  This includes core modules and four electives i.e Corporate Finance, Employment, Property and Litigation.

Our English trainees undertake the required Professional Skills Course via an external provider.  Using trainee feedback, we regularly review the quality of the training to ensure that it remains at a high standard.

A Core Skills training programme is in place for assistants primarily at the 0-2 year level of experience. The programme aims to provide each participant not only with the skills required to carry out their existing role to a very high standard, but also develop the skills required to perform effectively at the next level.

We have in place a training programme covering management and soft skills. We hold regular training days to encourage our Associates to get to know one another both on a personal and professional level and thereby foster cross selling of legal services and enhance communication between practice areas.

The presence of strong, effective local leaders and people managers is key to the firm's development and the focus of the partner training programme is on developing advanced management and communication skills in order to assist the firm maximise the contribution of its people.